Browser Chooser

Browser Chooser Alpha 1

Simple browser launcher tool


  • Allows you to open links in multiple browsers
  • Very lightweight and discreet


  • Doesn't work with Windows XP or lower

Not bad

If you like to use several different browsers depending on what you're surfing, Browser Chooser is a convenient launch tool.

Browser Chooser is a simple tool that allows you to launch the browser of your choice when you click on a link. This could be useful if a page isn't rendering in one browser or another. Browser Chooser has been specifically designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7 so users on earlier systems won't be able to use it. As long as the browser is installed on your machine, Browser Chooser will allow offer it as one of your options in the launch menu.

I already have the Internet Explorer extension installed in Firefox so I didn't find much use for Browser Chooser but if you use Opera, Chrome and Safari as well, it may prove a far quicker way of opening links in them than by manually cutting and pasting them in.

Browser Chooser


Browser Chooser Alpha 1

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